Helpful Links

We recommend these helpful links to assist our customers with some of their gardening questions, concerns and ideas.

Better Homes and Gardens – Garden Plans
This is a great tool for planning and designing a garden and includes suggestions of specific plants for any space and any climate!  Visit

Cornell Cooperative Extension Suffolk County

A great local Long Island gardening resource! Cornell Cooperative Extension offers research-based support to gardeners with online horticulture leaflets, gardening schools and master gardener classes. Visit

Rutgers Cooperative Extension

This site has extensive agricultural information as well as helpful and thorough features on gardening, lawns and landscaping. In addition, they have a section dedicated to deer resistant plants. Visit

University of Missouri Extension

Another great resource for landscaping and gardening; this site includes features on houseplants, vegetables and garden pests and diseases. Visit

United States Department of Agriculture – USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

This map helps gardeners determine which plants are most likely to thrive at their specific geographic location within the country. Visit

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